7 Chakra Moves

Hi! This video will show you a 7-part musical move: one per mood/part of the body. Each chakra is a veiled world. Lila explores and unveils their symbols and their energy, playing with kundalini, moving all the way up to the Seventh Heaven. The rythms range from African beat to bellydance, fusion, electronic, Buddhist, and whirling.
Breathe deeply, sit back and enjoy! : )  Or if you are the active type, go for a guess game: match each music track with the part of the body at work and the moods and emotions at stake. In any case: ENJOY! In dancing & whirling light, Lila.

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The next workshop takes place in Goa from 28th January to 3rd February 2018. 

Credits and special thanks to Monika Nataraj, Eve Danse, Salwa Danse, Elukka Soufi Oikarinen, Matias Mino, and Jiva Om, and Jehan (Seven Veils), Agama (Manipura, Vishuddha, Ajna Meditation), Enya (Adiemus), The Yuval Ron Ensemble (Zaman El Saman), Jean-Michel jarre (Oxygène), and James Asher (Feet in the Soil).

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