Buddha was meditating

If you are sexually repressed and you see a couple hugging, caressing each other, you immediately jump at them and you start talking of morality, culture, society, and all that, and you start saying, "This is not right." But watch. Have a little insight in your own being as to what really is happening. You have a repressed sexuality. Seeing them in a deep, loving embrace, your sexuality that is repressed starts surfacing. It becomes stirred, and you become afraid of it.

Rather than accepting the fear of it, rather than looking into and watching it, rather than doing something about it, you become angry. Fear becomes anger when transferred; fear takes the form of anger. You become angry at the couple, and they are not doing anything to you!

There is a beautiful story. Indians need to be reminded of it. It happened...

Buddha was meditating underneath a tree. It was a full moon night, and a few young people from the city close by had come to the forest to have a night of delights. They had brought much wine and a beautiful prostitute with them. Just very close to where Buddha was meditating, they started drinking and eating and dancing, and they stripped the woman naked. And they must have been doing nasty things to the woman because they were all drunk. Seeing them all drunk, the woman escaped.

Only in the middle of the night, when it started becoming a little cooler, they came to their senses a little bit and became aware that the woman was not there, so they started searching for the woman. She must have been frightened by them because she had not even taken her clothes; she had simply escaped, naked.

They searched. They could not find the woman, but they found Buddha. He was meditating under a tree. They asked him, "Have you seen a naked woman, a very beautiful woman? You must have seen her," they said, "because this is the only way for her to go to the city; there is no other way."

Buddha said, "Somebody did pass, but it is very difficult for me to say to you whether the person who passed was a man or a woman. It has been long, long that I have dropped being interested in the bodies, man or woman. That desire has disappeared in me, so it is difficult.

"If you had told me before, I would have been more alert! But I am sorry. Somebody has passed, but it is difficult for me to tell whether the person was young, old, beautiful, ugly, because these are no more my concerns.

"This too is difficult for me to tell, whether the person was naked or clothed, because that too is no more my concern."

What is Buddha saying? Buddha is saying now nothing is repressed in him, all repressions have been dissolved. Buddha is saying he no more thinks in terms of man and woman, beautiful and ugly, he no more thinks in terms of nakedness or clothes. Those words have become irrelevant. He has again become a small child, innocent.

This story has to be reminded to the Indians, particularly those Indians who think that it is their duty to "save Indian culture". They don't know anything about Indian culture.

This is Indian culture: Buddha's statement and state is Indian culture.

But this always happens: you go on projecting and transferring your own ideas upon others.

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