Autumn: a time of golden leaves and delicate mushrooms

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I love autumn. As the seasons shift from summer to winter leaves turn multi-colored and gracefully fall from deciduous trees to make way for snow. Each type of tree has it’s own autumn colour that varies from red to orange, brown and yellow, also depending on what part of the country you happen to be in. The air is fresh with smell of decaying leaves; the sound of crunching under my feet.

As a child I used to love to jump into a pile of leaves that had just been raked. Now, as I will soon be turning seventy, my arthritic body reminds me of the stiffness of a leaf that is about to fall. Now I prefer to jump into the abyss of my being while I silently walk through the forest with camera in hand watching autumn unfold before my curious eyes.

How symbolic autumn is of our bodies changing with age – I relax within that flow. I love the story Osho told of how Lao Tzu became enlightened watching a leaf fall from a tree. It is that time of year for watching leaves fall and letting go as we gaze with wonder recognizing who we are. So many leaves falling, we just have to notice the one.

And the mushrooms that pop up in autumn; they are everywhere within the forest. Some are tasty while others… you just want to look at them and admire their delicate attractive nature, as poisonous as they are. Then others, well what to say except they are magical! Down on my knees I set the camera on the forest floor for an eye-level view. I can almost see tiny elves scurrying about. How delightful!

Allan ForestAllan Forest has been a photographer since 1971 when he graduated from the school of photography at Ryerson University, Toronto. Initially he focused on commercial studio photography and specialized in advertising and catalogue photography. He took sannyas in 1979 and frequently visited the commune in Pune. A few years ago he moved to the Sunshine Coast and currently freelances and takes landscape photographs. 24 of his photographs were published in the picture book, The Sunshine Coast.

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